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Cooperative Share Program

Puget Sound Commercial Aircraft Brokers Cooperative Share Program

Puget Sound Commercial Aircraft Brokers helps provide the resources and expertise to make flying affordable by utilizing the cooperative share business model. According to many industry reports, domestic aviation in the USA is on the decline, while shared ownership markets have become one of the fastest growing segments of aviation. By utilizing our cooperative shared ownership program, aircraft owners can keep their aircraft, generate a cash flow and enjoy excellent tax benefits.

Are you interested in?

Flying for the cost of fuel

Generating a cash flow on your aircraft

Enjoying some excellent tax benefits

Traveling whenever and wherever you want

Puget Sound Commercial Aircraft Brokers has the solution: – Many people have turned to partnerships, fractional ownership, or leasebacks to help reduce the cost of flying. If done properly, a simple partnership can cost between $6,500 and $12,000 dollars to get set up properly. A turn-key cooperative program has been developed to generate a cash flow, reduce the cost of flying and provide the most economical way to own an aircraft.

How does the cooperative ownership model work?

The cooperative owner buys an aircraft then leases or sells shares for a profit and enjoys some good tax benefits and cash flow. The members enjoy economical flight time.

A Real Estate Comparison: – The cooperative model is very successful in aviation and in real estate because it provides a win-win situation. Like real estate; the aircraft cooperative owner can enjoy similar profit and depreciation benefits with one exception; they can also have access to the aircraft at cost and travel whenever or wherever they want.

Who would benefit from a Cooperative ownership program?

Aircraft owners that may be having trouble selling their aircraft or would like to keep their aircraft and generate a cash flow.

The large number of certified pilots that are currently renting or own a 25-30 years old aircraft. By showing them a way to cut their flying costs through cooperative shares, we are helping thousands of pilots experience the thrill of aircraft ownership.

The population in general. It seems like everyone, at one time or another has dreamed of flying, travel and one of a kind adventures. We have affordable solutions.

Flight schools, FBO’S, or flying Club’s that may be looking to increase aircraft utilization and profitability through the use of the Cooperative ownership model.

Compare the Benefits: – There are four types of aircraft ownership (full, fractional, cooperative and partnerships) Cooperative ownership is by far the best option for a person wanting to sell their aircraft, own an aircraft, enjoy economical flight time, or generate a cash flow. It allows the aircraft owner to generate a cash flow and still be able to fly the aircraft.

Full Ownership: With full ownership you pay for all costs and expenses. Unless you are going to utilize the aircraft on a daily basis, this is the most expensive option. This may be a good option if you are going to get full time daily usage out of the aircraft.

Aircraft Partnerships: This type of ownership seldom works. (See report on why partnerships fail) Costs and expenses are split and the aircraft can still have fair availability. Typical startup costs are around $6500­-12,000 if done correctly by an aviation attorney.

Fractional Aircraft Ownership: Fractional ownership allows for cost sharing and good availability. However, due to the middle man, the company profit motive, and the large monthly management fees, this option is usually very expensive.

Cooperative Aircraft Ownership: Cooperative ownership provides good cost sharing and excellent availability. This model takes out the high costs of fractional ownership and solves the inherent problems associated with partnerships. It cuts out the middle man. It is patterned after the highly successful model of owning commercial real estate and provides a good cash flow for the aircraft owner, while providing economical usage for the members.



  Cooperative Ownership Traditional Partnership/ Fractional Ownership Program
Set Up Costs $4800 $6,500 to $12,000
Monthly Management Fee None $50 to $3,500
Cash Flow Yes No
Return on Investment Yes No
Excellent Tax Benefits Yes No
Legal Document Templates Yes No
Income Potential Yes No
Remote destination access Yes No
Online Scheduling Assistance Yes No
Financing Assistance Yes No
Insurance Assistance Yes No
Personal Consultation Yes No
Proprietary Documents, Discounts, & Materials Yes No